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[PRODUCTS] A complete introduction of each of the parts and product services provided by ELDINE.

Seat Cover SUPERIOR PUNCHING Collection
[Perfectly Fitting Seatcovers SUPERIOR PUNCHING Collection] We have loyally reproduced the original leather seat design. Just by slipping it on you can give your car the atmosphere of a leather upholstered Eldine Punching Type. All seats covered set 39,800Yen (VAT included) *For 2 seat only cars to cover 2 seats is 29,800Yen. * For some models of cars, the set comes including covers for elbow rests, etc. List of parts of each model Design Color VariationThe Seat Cloth and Cushion Material.Seat Line Sewing (Piping)Special Planning has been Undertaken to Preserve the Original Functionality

Design Color Variation




This is the Eldine Punch Type finished to our unique Eldine preferred taste, while loyally reproducing the original leather model. The piping, which makes the seat line beautifully elegant, employs the same cloth material of the sheet material, which gives the perfect complete luxury feeling of an European car design. Also, on the central seat area and the seating area itself, cloth punching has been carried out in order to increase air flow. What's more, the low repulsion sponge on the seating area affords a comfortable sitting experience with extra hold.

The Seat Cloth and Cushion Material

The Sheet Cover Punching Type design, delivers a greater feeling of volume and smoothness through the use of Bio.PVC leather. The Bio.PVC leather not only makes it possible to smoothly cover the seats, it also supports an enhanced fitting of the seat covers, and brings out a more beautiful seat line. Moreover, Bio.PVC has a heat resistant and durable quality, which gives you peace of mind about the tough use environment of the inside of your car. Again, we have taken care with regard to hygiene, by adding anti-bacteria, anti smell functions. On the seat portion, we have added a 10mm impact padding sponge, for that one area of your body under pressure that can now feel relief, comfort, and support when you go on a drive.

Seat Line Sewing (Piping)

The surrounding piping, which is of the same color leather as the seat cover, gives the seat line a striking appearance.

Special Planning has been Undertaken to Preserve the Original Functionality

The seat covers have been designed so that the standard equipment of the original seats can be used as they are. For example seat belts and arm rests. Fitting using plastic hooks gives it a true re-upholstered feeling. The holes for the headrest have already been prepared and so no extra cutting is necessary. Also, using that point as a reference, you can easily tell if you have fitted your seat covers straight or not.
(* For some car models the designs may differ somewhat. Also, the seat cover line, and fitting methods, may differ, according to car models, from what is stated in the above outlines.)
You can cover your own seats by following the instructions (including photos) as outlined in the explanation manual, which has separate instructions for different car models.
(* For some different car models there is a shared explanation booklet.)
Air Bag Compliance] It is possible to equip your seats with maker original SRS Side Air Bags.
(Please check your car model against the compatibility table.)
Comes complete with a special ELDINE tag.
You can use functions of the original seat.
Method for attaching with fastenersMethod for setting with plastic hooksMade with Standard Back PocketThe holes for headrests have already been cut for youEasy confirmation of the setting points

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